Class Solidarity

Class Solidarity is an anarchosyndicalist organization in Serbia that strives to create a massive and militant working class movement - one step at a time.

Collective Against
Political Repression

Given how the situation in Serbia develops, we initiated creation of a collective with specific aim to confront growing political repression.

Social Review

Another project of ours is the Social Review (Društveni pregled), a weekly newsletter in Serbian language, that provides class perspective and commentary on current affairs in Serbia and the region.

„Gunpowder“ film club

Class Solidarity runs the „Gunpowder“ film club (Kino klub Barut), where we organize weekly screenings of political movies and debates in a self-organised and self-managed cultural centre in Belgrade called “Magacin”.

“Political Poster"

“Political Poster" group prints and distributes political posters with aim to politicize working and living spaces, by reprinting historically relevant posters, as well as creating new that reflect on the class struggle of today.

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